Fed by the nutrient-rich waters that flow through the Somosomo Straits, Taveuni's Rainbow Reef is home to one of the world's greatest displays of soft coral. 20 spectacular dive sites are nearby (between 10-20 minutes from our Dive Centre), and we have three 30-foot dive vessels that will whisk you away to the famous dive sites. Nitrox is also available.


Our experienced local dive team with intimate knowledge of the waters, select the best dive sites based on the currents and weather conditions to ensure each dive is a memorable one.


Click the images below to download the location map and description of dive sites




Great White Wall
Fiji’s most famous dive with an impressive wall 200 ft long and 150 ft deep. A tunnel in the reef leads to a breathtaking drop-off and a wall covered in stunning white soft coral.


Annie's Bommie
A large coral head covered in soft coral of every color. With the current flowing, this site is aglow like an underwater Christmas tree and the density of the fish life has to be seen to be believed. Depth 15-70 ft.


Cabbage Patch
A large patch of cabbage coral covers over 50ft is home to a variety of sea creatures. Depth 30-60 ft. 


Fish Factory
"The place where fish are born" - a vibrant dive site suitable for beginners up to advanced divers, with depths ranging from 32-128 ft and visability 65-120 ft. Good for snorkelling too!


The Ledge
Depth ranging from 25-130 ft which has a ledge at 45ft all around the reef with a variety of soft coral. 


The Zoo
With the right tides, this site is the place to see the South Pacific’s bigger marine creatures - schooling barracuda, white tip reef and bronze whaler sharks and, on those special days, eagle or manta rays. Depth 30-300 ft.


The hotel was immaculate, the staff was just wonderful, the diving was out of this world.